Is Going to a Waldorf School the Best Option for Your Child?
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How Waldorf Education Works

Waldorf schools are some of North America's most well-known independent educational centers. You can find a Waldorf school at over 250 locations in the United States and Canada, and the school also operates over early childhood education centers, as well.

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While Waldorf schools are run independently, students are immersed in a program that not only adheres to government educational standards, but exceeds them. Schools are accredited and standards are maintained by co-ordination through The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.

Waldorf schools should not be confused with Waldorf College, which is a post-secondary institute operating in Iowa.

Waldorf Education

A Waldorf education is a great advantage for students, even if they only spend their early grades in the program. However, you can find Waldorf schools that operate all the way through the high school grades. Graduates of a Waldorf school have a great acceptance rate into post-secondary institutions.

A Waldorf education focuses on balance. Waldorf schools attempt to battle the fatigue and boredom that plagues students in public school. Movement is encouraged throughout the day, and subjects are dealt with on a concentrated basis. Learning new languages is an important element at the school.

A variety of subjects are taught throughout the early years at Waldorf. The school's belief is that all the subjects need to be introduced to students in order to allow them to develop their own sense of ability and interest, which will allow them to select a path as they get older.

Waldorf Home School

While Waldorf schools don't directly offer assistance to parents interested in homeschooling, there are a number of different Waldorf home school programs inspired by the school's curriculum and perspective on learning.

Waldorf homeschooling focuses on providing the best type of education for a child at an appropriate age level. Young, preschool aged children are expected to be active throughout the day, and learn through imitation of meaningful work done by parents and other adults. Grade-school age children should be encouraged to learn through creativity, imagination and exploration. Through grade school and high school, children should be taught in lesson blocks, which allow focus on a particular subject for a couple of hours a day, for three to six weeks at a time.

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