What Type of Bursary Might You Be Eligible For?

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The costs of getting an education are high, and can often be a deterrent for those looking to either go to school or go back to school to further their knowledge and training. A bursary is one of the ways you can help ease some of the financial burden.

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It can take a bit of leg work to track down the bursaries available to you. One of the best places to start is through the institution you're looking to apply to. You may also want to check with career training programs and facilities in your town, as they will have up-to-date information on local bursaries. Finally, you can always use the Internet — many bursary database sites can help you search to find the funding that meets your qualifications.

Bursary Types to Consider

There are many different types of bursaries awarded to prospective students in need. Many are merit-based, earned through high grades, demonstration of community involvement, completion of specific tests and much more.

Other bursaries may be awarded for financial need. Bursaries for low-income students and students with physical or mental challenges that increase education costs are readily available. There are also bursaries available for those with families — for example, if you're looking to become a nurse but also have children at home who require child care, you may qualify for a nursing bursary for dependents.

Getting a Bursary

While some bursaries are open to everyone, others are related to program choice. Medical bursary programs (often called by other names, such as NHS bursary programs in the UK or EU), for example, are only open to students pursuing careers as nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other medical careers, and are often open only to those in advanced studies.

If you're concerned you may not qualify for a bursary in your area, or you want to try to earn more money, programs like the summer language bursary program can help. These types of exchange programs provide funding for a portion of tuition and other costs in another country, state or in some cases, province, and not only cover some of the costs of your education but also give you a chance to see the world and learn outside the box.

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