How Parents and Teachers Can Use Zoom Conference Calls for Remote Learning
a young student doing schoolwork on a conference call

Utilizing Zoom for Education

As the quarantine lasted for months and the students were kept out of school, educators had to be creative about how to facilitate communication with their students while still being able to provide them a solid education. For many teachers, students and parents alike, it was a crash course about online learning where all who participated were figuring out things on the fly.

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At first, teachers were mostly communicating through email, educational chatrooms, and sending off packets of work for the students to complete during the hiatus from the classroom. However, day by day, educators were starting to figure out the benefits of video conferencing with their students.

Main Objectives for Remote and Distance Learning

There are basic objectives for remote and distance learning that makes it so attractive to not just students making their way through a quarantine, but people in a variety of circumstances. It allows all learners to be free from distance and time constraints, as the flexible learning opportunities are immense when considering the possibilities online.

Benefits of Using Video Conferencing on a Consistent Basis with Students
How many of us don’t respond to emails right away? I am guilty of that now and then. Either I choose to ignore it or put it off until I have time later on to answer it appropriately. As an educator, I can testify firsthand that many students were failing to answer emails from their teachers during the quarantine.

But a funny thing happens when you can actually see your teacher’s face right in front of you, even if it is on a computer screen. Most students will stop ignoring the accompanying emails. They just need a friendly reminder that their teacher is on the other end waiting for them to respond and turn in their work. Video conferencing allows teachers, parents and students to communicate instantly with one another.

In addition, video conferencing allows educators to present full lessons much like they would in the classroom. Sure, it can be a bit weird if the teacher is just staring straight into the camera on their computer while delivering the lesson. But, if they actually present it like they would normally, with some action, a little humor, and some manipulatives, it can keep a student’s attention just as much if they were right there in front of them.

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The Options

It took a little bit before teachers were able to narrow down which video conferencing app they wanted to use on a continuous basis. After all, there are so many available out there. However, they don’t all offer the same tools and options. It wasn’t long before word started to spread, and Zoom was the video conferencing app that almost all were proceeding with from here on out.

Zoom: For Educators and Parents

Now don’t just think that Zoom is only for teachers to use with students. Parents can also use Zoom for education purposes effectively, so their kids will be able to keep on learning from a variety of people.

Tips from Educators

After speaking with several educators that have used Zoom for education during the quarantine, there were numerous positives to the app that many were absolutely loving. For instance, while a group of people can all video conference at once, the session can also be recorded so the students that couldn’t log in on time could watch it later. Plus, it was free to use for all whether they were using their desktop, laptop or cellphone. In addition, teachers were loving that they could mute the students’ microphones if needed, so they could present their lessons without constant interruption or background noise.

Don’t Ask Too Much

Teachers are also realizing that to ask students to pay attention during Zoom conferences for 45 minutes is a bit too much. (This makes perfect sense as adults that sit through meetings with laptops get distracted all the time.) Instead, chop those group lessons up into 20 minutes maximum when using Zoom. Asking them to focus for 20 minutes is a whole lot different than asking them to concentrate for 45 minutes and much more doable.

Having a Chaperone Can’t Hurt

Furthermore, educators are asking that parents take the time to sit through the Zoom classroom group sessions as well. Having an adult there in person to keep them on task is a priceless benefit.

Homework and Tutoring Help Using Zoom for Education

Parents can utilize Zoom for education even further for their kids when it comes to helping with homework and receiving tutoring. Not all parents are able to remember their days from Algebra II. With Zoom, they can have a family friend or even a classmate assist them with homework or any additional tutoring their kids might need. Plus, they aren’t limited by distance; with online tutoring, the person can be in another part of the world and still be able to effectively tutor them over the internet.

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