A Degree in Mathematics Will Give You a Wealth of Career Options to Choose From
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Innumerable Skills

Mathematics degrees have become increasingly relevant in today's highly computerized world. Modern math education focuses not only on problem solving, but also on communication and interdisciplinary skills that are highly applicable in a wide range of industries. In fact, there has been an explosion in math careers, and mathematics graduates are in higher demand than ever before.

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The Structure of Mathematics Degree Programs

Both traditional and online math degrees allow students a lot of flexibility when it comes to course selection and program self-design. You will be able to take courses in statistics, calculus, algebra, number theory, combinatorics, logic, probability and other advanced mathematics topics.

It is common for students taking traditional or online math courses to declare a specific concentration or follow one of several different program tracks towards degree completion. Each individual institution has its own policy, so you'll have to refer to their course calendar for the specifics.

Many math students supplement their primary studies with electives in fields ranging from computer science and systems analysis to physics and chemistry. Also, students with mathematics degrees tend to do very well on the LSAT, which is the standardized test needed for entry to law school, because of the emphasis math programs place on logic and reasoning.

Job Prospects for Math Grads

Both in-class and online math degrees lead graduates to a diverse range of exciting careers. Of course, combining mathematical study with education degrees is a common career path, but you are by no means limited to becoming a math teacher.

Exciting math careers include jobs in finance, especially statistical analysis of financial data and risk assessment. Your mathematical training puts you in a unique position to explain or predict the behavior of financial markets. Operations research, a field of business that is concerned with building models that will maximize profit, is also a viable career option.

Math students who supplement their studies with computer science degrees have even broader job prospects, including computer programming and systems analysis. However, there are many other options that may not immediately occur to you. Math grads can perform well in cryptography careers — encoding and decoding sensitive information is essentially a mathematical / logical process. Online college math courses will also help you if you'd like to become an actuary, which is an insurance industry profession that focuses on the analysis of statistical data.

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