A Geology Degree Will Teach You About the Physical Structure of the Earth

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Geology degrees focus on the physical structure of the Earth and the processes by which the solid and liquid matter on the surface of the Earth is formed. Geology is a major branch of physical science and enhances our understanding of the planet's past as well as its future.

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Topics of Study in Geology

Whether you're pursuing traditional, online or distance learning degrees in geology at the undergraduate level, an understanding of geologic time is going to form the foundation of your studies. At the undergraduate level, you'll also learn about plate tectonics, geological evolution, field and laboratory methods, relative and absolute dating techniques, and features of geologic materials.

In geology grad school, you will have the opportunity to select an area of concentration and delve deeply into it. When you pursue a geology master's degree, you might select a professional concentration, such as mining geology or petroleum geology. Geology degrees can also be combined with engineering degrees to create a versatile and in-demand skill set that will open a lot of doors for you.

Geology Jobs for Graduates

Applied geology programs lead to a wide range of rewarding geology careers for graduates. Because people with geology degrees have an advanced understanding of the physical structure of the planet, they make valuable additions to engineering teams in both the mining and petroleum industries. Geology jobs are also plentiful in the mineral and hydrocarbon extraction industries, and environmental protection agencies around the world hire geology graduates in consultant or field roles.

Of course, you can also go beyond a geology master's degree and get your PhD in the field, leading to a career in academia. If you become a geology professor, you'll split your time between teaching classes and performing field studies and research. People with geology degrees often go on to teacher's college, eventually securing teaching jobs at the high school level, typically in geography.

Geology degrees can be earned through traditional four-year colleges as well as online or distance learning schools. If you have an interest in the history of the Earth's physical formation and how the Earth continues to evolve, you'll find geology an engaging and rewarding academic pursuit.

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