7 Possible Jobs for High School Graduates
A delivery person in a van with packages next to them.

Jobs for High School Graduates

In today’s society, it is becoming difficult for employers to find people to hire. For one reason or another, there are plenty of jobs to be had out there. In this article, we will talk about all the best jobs for high school graduates to apply to.

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If you are a high school graduate and will be soon seeking a job, this should be considered great news. There have been times in the past where high school graduates struggled to find work. But at the moment, it should be relatively simple as long as you keep your options open.

What Are You Looking For?

A job is something that will earn you some money instantly but could be something you do not see yourself doing for years. A career could be something you can do for the long term. (However, keep in mind that according to FlexJobs, about 30% of people between the ages of 25 and 44 have switched not just jobs, but careers entirely.)

Being straight out of high school, you cannot afford to be too choosy. The important thing is to first get hired for a job. If you want to search for a better employment opportunity down the road, you can do your search while still having money come in from your current job.

Employment for High School Graduates

There are probably going to be plenty of job options available depending upon what is near you and what you are interested in. Here are some jobs that are entry-level and should be for the taking if interested.

1. Delivery Job

Whether it is food delivery, Amazon delivery, USPS delivery, or any other sort of delivery position, there is a real need for responsible employees in this vocation. In a world where we tend to shop solely online, delivery drivers are necessary. According to Indeed, delivery drivers on average get paid about $17 per hour. This could enable a high school graduate to search for a career while performing this job, as it pays a decent wage.

2. Packer Job

The majority of packers do their job in a warehouse or some similar place. They basically take finished products and prepare them to get shipped out. Once again, with most of us getting most of our goods online, packers are kept busy in today’s day and age. ZipRecruiter states the average warehouse packer earns approximately $25,000 a year. However, keep in mind that this type of job usually depends on how quickly and accurately a person can work. Those doing their job at a faster rate will earn more.

3. Landscaper

With no post-secondary education needed for this job, you can get your hands dirty and your green thumbs going. You can continue this job as a career or as a means to pay for college. Landscaping and grounds keeping often includes maintaining and styling parks, lawns, town gardens, golf courses and greenery on campuses. If you do not like working inside and prefer hands-on tasks, then this job is for you.

4. Taxi or Uber Driver

If you are fully licensed and are a capable, responsible driver, you can make money being a taxi or Uber driver. This job includes picking people up and dropping them off to their desired location. If you work with a city taxi company, a car should be provided for you, but if you work with a company, such as Uber, you will need to use your own car. If you like socializing and driving, then you might consider this as a job option.

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5. Salesperson

Even if you do not have experience in sales, companies will take a chance on you if you demonstrate promise. Plenty of high school graduates enter into sales until they can find a career that corresponds more directly with their degree, but then a funny thing happens — they actually enjoy sales and make a good living from it! If you have a passion for cars, technology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or real estate, you could transfer your knowledge over to the sales side quite effortlessly.

6. Construction

Your degree may not correlate with construction, but that does not mean you cannot swing a hammer, put a roof on a house, or hang drywall and paint houses. There are so many avenues of construction that you may just be able to slide right into a job in the field.

7. Insurance Agent

Once again, even if the degree you are working towards does not correspond with insurance, do not let that stop you if you need a job. In fact, many insurance agents do not even have a college degree. There is no education requirement to becoming an insurance agent, so if you are coming out of a higher learning institution and had classes in finance, business and economics, you could fit in perfectly with this field.

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