Exploring 5 of the Top Job Fields for Introverts Today
a freelance writer working: an example of the best careers for introverts

Best Careers for Introverts

First, it should be said that no introvert is completely like the next one. Some will describe introverts as quiet and thoughtful individuals and others might categorize them as people who avoid social interaction because they are frequently anxious.

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But it may surprise you to hear that three legendary entertainers, Dean Martin, Johnny Carson and Elvis Presley were all considered introverts behind closed doors, but they still were able to put on a good show for large crowds. In fact, even though Superman in the comic books would constantly save the world, he still needed to keep his Fortress of Solitude for himself.

Finding the Right Working Environment

Whatever the case, usually the only trait true introverts have in common is they need to be alone for a good period of time to recharge their batteries and not go completely crazy. They can be around groups of people for periods of time, but before long, they are going to have to retire to their comfortable solitary reclusiveness.

With this in mind, you can see how choosing the right or best careers for introverts may be a bit difficult. It has to be a job where they will not be around people constantly and can get away with working alone for good lengths of time.

Here are some top careers all introverts should carefully consider when planning their future.

1. IT Jobs

There are few career fields that are made for introverts like the world of technology. For numerous jobs in information technology, there is very little personal interaction needed, as most things can be communicated entirely through email and DMs. Additionally, most tasks that need to be accomplished can be done completely alone in a cave if need be, as long as there is a computer and internet.

Some of the more interesting careers for introverts in the tech world are computer programmers, systems analysts, IT technicians, network engineers, software engineers, and information security analysts.

If you speak to a roomful of tech people and ask how they learned their skills, you will get a hundred different answers. Some go to school to learn their trade. Others are able to figure things out on their own. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to have a diploma or certificate in the field.

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2. Freelance Writing

Writers basically spend all of their working hours alone. It is just them and their thoughts. In fact, they can literally work entirely from home or even just one room in the house! If an introvert has the talent to make it as a freelance writer, it really would be the perfect career for them.

While there are many writers out there with no formal education past high school, it doesn’t hurt to take a college course or two to broaden your skills. Perhaps having a bachelor’s degree in English could carry some weight with it. Also, some freelance writers get projects because they are subject matter experts in a given field.

3. Car Mechanic

Most mechanics don’t seem too talkative. They have their head under the hood or their body under the car and seem to rarely chat it up with the customer needing their car fixed. Mechanics can get by with just saying a sentence or two every now and then, because what they are getting paid for is to fix the mechanical problem, not play host. If you are so mechanically inclined and would like to refrain from carrying on full conversations with people, becoming a car mechanic could do you well.

While there is usually no set educational requirement for becoming a mechanic, it does not hurt to have certificates or an associate’s program under your belt. But the bottom line is it all comes down to how good you are with your tools.

4. Art

Whether you are a sculptor, painter or designer, there is usually not a need to sit through meetings all day or to be around a ton of people often. You can do most of your work entirely on your own, and in many cases, you can be your own boss. As there are plenty of careers that involve being an artist, you just have to find the right one that meets your introvert needs. Learn more about art degrees.

And if you would like to avoid spending years in college, many artists are self-taught and let their work speak for what they can do. Of course, you can always take courses though if you would like to learn more artistic skills in your field of choice than you may currently have.

5. Accounting

All an accountant needs to be good at is numbers. If they are good with numbers, it should get them far in their career of choice. Accountants are not known to be the life of the party, and this is usually fine with them. Plus, if you are good at your job, you can make a very good living! In fact, accountant might very well be one of the highest paying jobs for introverts.

Many accountants only have a bachelor’s degree, but some go on and earn their CPA as well. Depending upon the company, that CPA could lead to them making more money down the road.

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