Design, Drafting & More: How to Become an Architect
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Earn Your Degree from a Top Architecture School

To become an architect, you need to have not only a creative eye and an appreciation for design, you also need to have a solid education behind you. Architecture school combines aesthetic training with concrete skills in design, drafting and more, to give you the thorough understanding of the field you'll need to succeed.

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Before you choose an architecture school, you'll want to know a bit more about what to expect from the program and what each school has to offer you.

Curriculum in a School of Architecture Program

Curriculums at different schools of architecture will vary, but in general they should cover topics in the following areas:

  • Design and Construction. Looking at the technological, environmental and social aspects of design and construction.
  • History and Appreciation. Study various architecture trends throughout the ages and learn to spot trends of the current day.
  • Structural Systems and Engineering. Learn the principles of stress and strain, support and more, while also learning about the materials used to build with engineering principles and structural training.

You'll learn to draw, write, plan and design for major architecture projects, while also learning specific aspects of the architecture process, such as landscaping, lighting and more.

Architecture School Rankings

If you're looking to attend the best architecture school, you'll definitely want to look at architecture school ranking lists. Not all lists are created equal, so be sure you find the ones that compare on the following features:

  • Technology. Take a look at the technology, software and equipment each architecture school is using to see who is most advanced and who is lagging behind. The top architecture school should be leading edge in technology.
  • Professors. You'll want to look at the credentials and experience of the professors you'll be studying under. Look for those who have good reputations or a list of accomplishments in the dental industry.
  • Student to Faculty Ratio. Architecture training is very hands on, so you'll want to make sure you're getting the most out of your education with a low student to faculty ratio.
  • Aesthetics. While it may seem trivial to judge schools based on aesthetics in other fields, for architecture schools, the design of the building and layout of the grounds are an important representation of the tone and values of the school.
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