Hone Your Acting Skills at a Performing Arts School
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Train to Be a Thespian

At acting school, aspiring thespians can learn the tricks of the trade and practice their craft under the tutelage of experienced professionals. While a would-be actor can follow many different paths to achieve his or her dreams, attending a school of acting provides you with a supportive environment in which to hone your skills.

Find Your Degree
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Interdisciplinary Acting Schools

Many acting schools offer instruction in other performing arts. For example, a performing arts academy might offer instruction in acting as well as a dance studio school. In fact, many actors choose to attend a school of dance, simply because it helps them improve their grace, broaden their skill set and get more practice performing in front of a group of people.

You can also study acting in film school, if you want to learn not only acting but also the behind-the-scenes skills filmmakers use to bring movies to life. There are also institutions that specialize in instructing children, if your child has stars in his or her eyes and you want to enroll your kid in acting school.

Also, you should know that many four-year colleges and graduate schools offer degree programs in acting as well. These institutions generally have lofty admissions requirements, though, and beginners may have a hard time getting accepted.

Topics Covered in Acting School

In acting school, you'll be introduced to both classical and contemporary styles of acting. Specific thespian schools of thought, such as method acting, might be studied at your academy as well. It depends on the school's overall philosophy and the skills and experience your instructors bring to the table.

Most acting schools use interactive exercises to encourage students to loosen up and try new things. Breathing exercises and loosely structured physical activities are often used to break the ice before the instructor proceeds to scene studies or character exercises. You'll learn how to interpret a script to better understand your character's motivations and points of view. Some schools even have students write scenes for other students in the class to play out, while another student or the instructor acts as the director.

If you've been bitten by the acting bug, acting school is a great place for you to cut your teeth, learn the basics and try things out before you start heading out on auditions. You'll also gain valuable networking opportunities during your time there, which can make all the difference down the road in determining whether or not you land that coveted role.

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