Take to the Skies: How to Become a Pilot
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Flight school instructs aspiring aviators in the proper and safe operation of helicopters and airplanes. Depending on the exact skill set you're looking to develop, you might choose to attend an academy that offers instruction in a specific type of aviation, such as a commercial flight school or a helicopter flight school.

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At a flight training school, you'll receive in instruction in airplane or helicopter operation as well as the basics of aviation mechanics. You can parlay these skills into a career in aviation, or simply take up flying helicopters or small airplanes as a hobby.

Get Into Aviation Flight School

To get into flight school, you don't need to have any specific educational background, per se, except that you must have completed high school or its equivalent. Some flight academies look at SAT scores and grades; others don't. It all depends on the individual school's admission policies.

Generally speaking, though, it helps to have some background in physics and geography. Flight schools also require that you pass a physical examination and meet the physical requirements needed to fly a plane or helicopter. You'll need to be in good overall health, with no medical or psychological conditions that could conceivably strike in the air without notice and render you unable to fly the aircraft.

Accelerated Flight School Programs

To earn your commercial pilot's license, you'll have to commit to years of study. Flight training school is also quite expensive, as you have to pay not only for in-class training, but also equipment fees for practice sessions in the air.

If you attend an accelerated flight school, though, you may be able to earn your credentials faster. Keep in mind, though, that these aviation flight schools generally have stricter admissions requirements. School administrators and instructors need to be sure that students enrolling in accelerated programs have the ability to learn at a faster pace.

Flight school is not the kind of environment where you want to be struggling with subject matter or constantly feeling left behind. When you fly, you take your own life and the lives of your passengers into your hands. It's vital that you learn at the proper pace so you absorb all the important lessons you'll need to draw on in the air.

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