You’ll Learn More Than How to Serve Drinks at Bartending School
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Land a Job as a Bartender

If you want to be a bartender but you've got no experience, attending a bartending school can help you land that all-important first job. From there, you can build your resume – which will make it easier for you to make a lucrative career out of bartending. When computed on a per-hour rate, bartending jobs pay some of the best wages of any skilled or unskilled profession out there.

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What You'll Learn at a School of Bartending

At an authentic bartending school, you'll learn a lot more than just how to make drinks. You'll learn proper serving techniques, and if you have any serving certifications in your region that are recognized in the hospitality industry, you should look for a program that offers them.

You'll also learn practical skills you'll need on the job, including how to recognize intoxication so you don't over-serve your customers – this is one of a bartender's legal responsibilities. Instruction in inventory control and management may also be provided, and, of course, you'll learn all about the different beers, wines, liquors and liqueurs commonly served in bars.

Of course, the main focus of a bartending college is to teach you how to make specific cocktails. Much of your classroom instruction will revolve around mastering the concoction of common but complex cocktails. Quite often, your instructor will provide you with a bartending guide that you should familiarize yourself with, then spend class sessions on specific drinks contained in that guide.

Paying for Bartending School

Meeting your bartending school costs can be a challenge. Because these programs do not lead to a degree or even a diploma, you won't qualify for government-subsidized student loans the way you would if you were attending a four-year or community college.

Fortunately, bartending school costs are usually affordable. Most often, bartending classes are held at night, since the vast majority of students have day jobs or other commitments to keep while they train for their new career. If you need financial assistance, the educational institution offering the course may be able to help. Many bartending schools will allow you to pay your tuition in installments, or defer your tuition payments until you're more easily able to cover the costs you're facing.

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