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Hospitality management school programs prepare students for careers in the hotel and restaurant management or travel and tourism industries. A degree in hotel and restaurant management is an ideal pursuit for students who love to travel and want to open up a world of possibilities after graduation. The skills you'll learn at hospitality school will qualify you to work across the country and around the globe.

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Hospitality School Specializations

Before you apply to hospitality school, you should familiarize yourself with the course offerings at a number of institutions. There are many specialized hospitality programs, and some schools offer a more complete selection than others. Here are some of the most common hospitality school program offerings:

  • Food and beverage service programs. These are typically not degree programs, but usually lead to a universally recognized certification that enhances your job prospects. Food and beverage service programs are usually one year long.
  • Hotel operations management. This type of hotel management training prepares you to deal with logistics and staffing issues in a fast-paced industry. It is one of the most popular specializations studied in hotel management school.
  • Tourism and hospitality business management. While operations management specializations focus on the human side of the industry, these programs take a more hard-lined approach to the business side of hospitality and tourism.
  • Travel industry service programs. If you want to be a travel agent, this is the type of program you should look for. Typically leading to a diploma, you'll learn the communications, sales and service skills you need to succeed in the travel industry.

Of course, there are also degree programs in hotel and food administration, tourism management and hotel and restaurant management. Some lead to applied business degrees, which are extremely marketable certifications.

Applying to Hospitality Management School

If you're not quite sure which hospitality specialization you're interested in right now, it's best to apply to a school that will leave you plenty of options. Many hospitality management schools with multiple study streams allow students to change their focuses and specializations as their interests evolve.

For program-specific admissions requirements, refer to the school's website. All hospitality school programs require a high school diploma, and some have specific SAT score cutoffs that they expect students to have achieved.

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