Getting a Spanish Degree Will Open up Your Career Prospects
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How to Earn a Spanish Degree

Learning another language is a great way to put yourself ahead in the job market. There are many positions that require bilingualism, and having a formal Spanish degree on your resume will help set you apart from those who have simply taken a introductory or college course online in Spanish, or those who have taken lessons from a tutor.

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Learning a new language requires discipline, and you'll want to make sure you have a basic foundation before you take a college degree in Spanish. Prior education in high school is generally a pre-requisite or is at least recommended.

Course Work in Spanish Degree Programs

Spanish degree programs prepare students to read and write Spanish fluently. Through reading and comprehension assignments, written tests and the study of Spanish history and culture, students will immerse themselves in the language. Along with Spanish courses, students will also round out their education with courses in communications, math, social sciences and more. Spanish degrees may also be combined with other majors, such as humanities or business.

Spanish degrees are offered through traditional institutions, but many people also choose to take a Spanish degree online using audio recordings and a virtual classroom environment for interaction with profs and peers. Many choose to take a Master's degree in Spanish online after taking an undergraduate degree, to give them freedom to work at their own pace or to work a job while they continue to learn. Traditional and online Masters degrees in Spanish may include specializations, such as linguistics or literature.

A final variation in obtaining a Spanish degree is to study abroad. Many people find it beneficial to immerse themselves in a city where the language is spoken, as a complement to the more formal style taught in the classroom.

Job Prospects from a Spanish Degree

There are many career paths available for those who earn a Spanish degree. One obvious choice is to serve as a translator or interpreter, or to teach Spanish to others (though you may have to obtain a formal teaching certificate for most positions.

Outside of these roles, a degree in Spanish can also lead to a career in tourism (working in cities where Spanish is the main language, publishing, international relations, immigration and more.

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