Getting a Degree in Psychology Will Help You Better Understand People
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Psychology degrees are offered in both the arts and the sciences. In fact, psychology is one of the only degree programs in which a candidate can choose to earn a B.A. or a B.Sc. If you're completing a B.A. at a psychology school, your focus will be on cultural influences on human behavior. On the other hand, a B.Sc. degree focuses on the biological determinants of human behavior.

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Psychology Degree Requirements

In-class and online degrees in psychology with an arts concentration teach students about behavioral disorders, abnormal psychology, learning, memory, perception and the means through which the mind interprets and experiences the world. Social and environmental psychology are emphasized; thus, the focus is on how our experiences influence the way we perceive and understand the world.

Conversely, traditional and distance learning psychology degrees with a scientific focus are about biopsychological processes. There is far less focus on on the social and environmental factors that influence psychology. Instead, B.Sc. psychology degrees investigate the role of hormones in psychological and physical development and examine research on everything from the neurochemical basis of addictions and disorders to the neural basis of learning and memory. Thus, a person interested in counseling psychology degrees would be better to get a B.Sc., but someone interested in criminal psychology degrees should pursue a B.A. The former is rooted in brain chemistry, whereas the latter is rooted in social culture.

If you're interested in becoming a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist, you'll be going on to psychology graduate school. Both of these professions require that you attain a PhD in the field, and you'll have to get a master's degree from a psychology graduate school before going on to complete your doctorate.

Career Prospects for Psychology Graduates

Psychology degrees open many possible career paths. Beyond becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist performing research or treating patients, people with psychology degrees make a strong impact in many industries. For example, a background in psychology can be extremely valuable in the advertising industry, as you'll have an advanced understanding of the factors that influence choice and perception.

You might also go on to become a social worker, addiction or behavior counselor, crime victim service worker or correctional officer. You can also combine psychology degrees with other training at the graduate level to go on to a career in law, business or other professional fields.

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