Make a Difference in Your Community by Becoming a Social Worker
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Provide Support to Families and Individuals

Social work degrees make a good choice for people interested in social issues who want to make a real difference in the communities in which they live. Degrees in social work prepare students to work in social institutions, providing support and services to individuals and families in need.

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What You'll Learn as a Social Work Student

Undergraduate schools of social work prepare students for careers in government and volunteer organizations. Generally, four-year social work degrees are structured so that students spend the first two to three years completing coursework and the final one to two years doing a practicum. If you're going to pursue online degrees in social work, make sure the school provides you with support when it comes to finding a placement in your upper years.

Social work graduate schools are often attended by students who hold undergraduate liberal arts degrees and have decided they want to pursue a career in social work. Graduate-level social work degrees are similarly structured, but the coursework is more concentrated and demanding. Students who choose to pursue graduate social work degrees online should also ensure the institution provides placement support, as most Master of Social Work (MSW) candidates must complete a practicum, just like undergraduates.

Job Prospects for Social Work Graduates

Degrees in social work often allow students to select a particular area of concentration, and you should seek a program that offers unique opportunities for your particular career interests. For example, if you're interested in providing social services to the elderly, you'd be better off in a social work program that offers courses specific to geriatric issues than one that maintains only a general focus.

Graduates with degrees in social work go on to careers in organizations including family and children's services, hospice care facilities, hospitals, women's services, crime victims' services, mental health centers, prisons and correctional facilities, long-term care centers for the elderly and chronically ill, and social service centers for Aboriginal peoples.

If you want to create positive change in the world, social work degrees give you the tools and skills to do so. These programs will train you in the methodologies and protocols you'll need to follow to make sure that people in need get the help they deserve.

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