Keep Climbing the Corporate Ladder by Getting Your MBA
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Graduate School Awaits

If you want to be a business executive, MBA training is a tried-and-true path to get you there. The vast majority of upper management professionals in the United States started their climb to the top by getting an MBA degree. You have many options when it comes to attending MBA school – from a distance learning MBA to part-time programs that allow you to study at night, you can truly find a program that meets your needs.

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Options for MBA Studies

If you're already working for a company with a corporate ladder to climb, it may be possible for you to pursue MBA programs with your employer's support. Many innovative companies are willing to subsidize employees who want to pursue an MBA, because they see it as an investment in their own future.

Talk to your human resources manager to find out if your employer offers any such arrangement. However, you'll probably only have the option to study at night, because your employer will expect you to keep your job while you improve your credentials – taking an online MBA program may be a viable option for you if you're looking to avoid a nasty commute.

If you want to take classes on a full-time basis during the day, you'll have a lot more MBA programs to choose from – particularly if you're open to relocating. For some people, getting into the best MBA school is their top priority, and this can be an excellent career move. People with graduate business degrees from the best schools generally land the best jobs.

Get into Graduate Business School

You can get into an MBA program regardless of your academic background, as long as you've completed a four-year bachelor's degree. Obviously, the higher your grades the better – your options will be limited if you had a low grade-point average during your undergrad years.

The standardized test you'll have to write to get into an MBA school is the MCAT. To a degree, you can compensate for low grades with an exceptional MCAT score, so all is not lost if you had a substandard undergraduate career.

Many schools also require letters of recommendation, admissions interviews and essays, and work experience in a business-related field. However, the exact admission requirements of a given MBA program are determined by the school itself. If you're interested in a specific program, consult the school's website for detailed information.

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