What Does an Electronic Engineering Degree Entail?
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Electronics engineers are at the forefront of devising and improving the latest technology, from personal computers and mobile phones to the latest embedded systems.

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They use their scientific understanding of electrons to create devices, systems and components, like integrated circuits and transistors, that are powered by electricity. Electronics engineering consists of many different sub-disciplines, including power, semiconductor circuit designs, telecommunications and the engineering of instrumentation. These jobs require designing, researching, developing and testing many kinds of hardware devices.

Becoming an Electronics Engineer

High school students looking to embark on a career in electronics engineering technology should load up on math, sciences and English credits while in high school. Other necessary skills include being able to read and understand blueprints, schematic drawings and wiring diagrams. Once you earn your diploma or GED, you'll be able to attend a post-secondary program offering a degree. Some may require that you also pass a background check.

Apply for a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. You can also apply for an associate degree in Electronics and Computer Technology, but the bachelor's degree is the industry standard. For further career options, you can work towards earning your Professional Engineer Certification, which consists of writing two exams: the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and the Principals and Practice of Engineering exam. This certification will make you more attractive to potential employers, show your dedication to the industry and allow you to command a higher salary for your services.

While getting hired is the main goal after years of study, it's very important that you maintain all of the skills and knowledge you have gained. Joining an association like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) can help you to keep abreast of the latest trends in this rapidly developing industry.

Electronics Engineer Salaries

Electronic engineering careers are projected to grow at a slow rate for the next few years, since much of the development and manufacture of electronic devices is outsourced to other countries. New graduates may have the best luck seeking out service-related businesses that focus on developing electronics components. The median salary for graduates with an electronics engineering degree is approximately $86,000 per year.

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