Getting a Degree in French Can be a Big Asset for Your Future Career
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Advanced Language Study

French language study is a tool that many people use to help broaden their job prospects and put themselves ahead of the competition. Being bilingual is an excellent highlight on your resume. While many people choose to simply take group or online college French classes and learn on their own, French degrees are a more formal way to achieve a thorough understanding of the language.

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Taking a language program requires discipline, as often it can be more difficult to pick up a language at a later age. Experience with French in prior education is typically required, and is most definitely considered an asset.

Course Work in French Degree Programs

The goal of French degree programs is to learn to communicate and read effectively in French. Courses will focus on developing advanced language skills, through the study of linguistics, sociolinguistics, literature, communication and more.

French degree programs also serve to provide a well-rounded education, so general courses in math, communications, history and social sciences may also be part of the curriculum. You can also choose to combine a French degree with another type of degree program, such as business or humanities. French graduate degree programs are also available, often in areas like literature or linguistics.

While you can take French degrees almost anywhere, many people choose to study abroad for French training. Immersing yourself in the language can help you learn more quickly, though you may not necessarily learn the formalities that you will in the classroom.

Job Prospects from a French Degree

People with French degrees have a wide range of job opportunities available. Translators and interpreters are the first roles that come to mind, but these positions can often be hard to find. Teaching French is another common choice, though often you will also have to have a teaching certificate.

Positions where a degree in French can be beneficial include publishing and journalism, tourism (such as tour guide or resort work in areas where French is spoken), flight attendant and many others. Government jobs also typically require applicants to be bilingual, so you may qualify for positions where French is the second national language.

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